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What is Career Profiling?

Career Profiling is a component of YP4SC that is concerned with identifying the appropriate jobs for an individual based on the results of an aptitude and work interest assessment. A career profile is presented through an individualized report.

What is the practical use of a profiling report?

The report is used in TESDA as a pre-training requirement. Based on the report, TVET applicants will be advised on the type of TVET programs appropriate to their profile, rather than being enrolled at any available TVET program that may not suit his abilities or work inclinations

What is e-Profiling?

e-Profiling is the improved version of career profiling that updates the paper-and-pencil version. It is accessible at the e-TESDA Portal at http://www.e-tesda.gov.ph or the proctored PC-based version available at the TESDA venues.

How can I avail myself of the YP4SC program?

You must first undergo career profiling. TESDA focal persons are available to serve clients in all TESDA Regional, Provincial and District Offices.

What benefits can one derive from YP4SC?

It is designed by TESDA to provide best-fit programs to prospective TVET trainees and students. By getting the right profile you can choose the right course and aim for right job. You will also be guided properly by YP4SC Focal Persons or TVET Career Guidance Officers beyond the assessment concerns. 

Where is the assessment held?

The assessment may be availed of by anyone who has a personal computer at his disposal that is connected to the internet. Or, he may visit the nearest official TESDA profiling venue. In the latter mode, the profilee has a proctor available to assist him for the activity.

Would it cost me anything to undergo career profiling?

YP4SC gives you free self-assessment of your aptitudes and work interests. 

How does YP4SC differ from the NCAE of DepED?

The NCAE of DepED is designed exclusively for their graduating HS students while YP4SC caters to all clients to provide them a well-informed career selection based on their profile.


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