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TESDA Scholarships & Training program

Objectives of the TESDA Scholarships

  • To produce a pool of qualified and globally competent workforce who are JOB READY;
  • To develop skills and competencies of the unemployed and the underemployed through training programs for pre-employment, skills upgrading, and productivity enhancement;
  • To empower public and private Tek-Bok Providers in expanding their absorptive capacities and to enable them to offer programs for various qualifications including higher levels of technology where jobs are available in the labor market.
Program Packages

I. On-Shore Scholarships
  1. Massive training in the communities for the unemployed, underemployed, displaced workers and returning OFWs
  2. Enterprise-based Group Training Schemes with industries / sectors / associations and other bodies for sectoral skills demand, such as training for work programs with DPWH and other government institutions and non-government institutions
  3. Massive FREE assessment and certification
  4. FREE workplace language skills proficiency programs
  5. Scholarships for the Ladderized Education Program
  6. To venture into high demand critical skills that have high paying jobs such as aviation, aeronautics, mechatronics and instrumentation
II. Off-Shore Scholarships
  1. Italy (Rome, Milan)
  2. Hongkong
  3. Singapore
III. Trainers Training:

To harness the acquired technologies, experience and expertise of displaced skilled workers and returning OFWs, among others, to become Tek-Bok trainers.

IV. Institutional Partnerships:

To provide incentives to Tek-Bok Providers that will expand their capabilitites and capacities in higher technologies of Tek-Bok.

Qualification Requirements

  • At least 15 years old;
  • Has taken the National Career Assesment Examination (NCAE) of has undergone / should take the Youth Profiling for Starring Careers (YP4SC);
  • Be unemployed, underemployed, retrenched/displaced worker or returning overseas Filipino worker (OFW)
Program Modality
  • Group Training Scheme (GTS)

  • The Scholarships shall be delivered through the Group Training Scheme. The GTS is aimed at the optimal utilization of training capacities by filling up available training seats and awarding the scholarship to a group of trainees/workers. The GTS shall be implemented through the following delivery mechanisms:
  1. Tek-Bok Providers (TBP-GTS) - GTS through the public and private TBPs shall be done through the award of scholarship to a group of 15 to 25 scholars per class per qualification at any one time.

  2. Enterprise-based (EB-GTS) - GTS through partnership agreements with industry/sectoral association / groups / bodies to provide pre-employment to new workers and upgrading and re-tooling to existing workers to increase their productivity.
Scholarship Benefits
  • Free career profiling
  • Free full cost of training
  • Training Support Fund
  • Free competency
  • Employment referral
Where to apply for the Pangulong Gloria Scholarships
  • Call the TESDA Hotline 887-7777 which is a 12/5 Call Canter
  • Text TESDA SMS 0917-4794370 / 0918-2738232
  • Send Email to contactcenter@tesda.gov.ph
  • Visit the nearest TESDA Regional/Provincial/District Offices, TESDA Technology Institutes, or any participating public and private Tek-Bok Providers nationwide and partners industry/sector association and other bodies such as TUCP, BPAP, Philippine Automotive Federation, Inc. (PAFI), Association of Carriers and Equipment Lessors (ACEL), Monark, DM Consunji Construction Inc., SEIPI, among others.

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